How to Safely Clear Your Drain with DrainStick®

How to Safely Clear Your Drain with DrainStick®

There’s no worse feeling than showering and water pooling at your feet. It can only mean one thing… the drain is clogged. So, you pour more chemicals down it thinking it will solve the issue, but it doesn’t. Now what?

Your Solution

Meet your long-term solution. Superior Tool’s DrainStick® is “The Better Way to Unclog Drains™.” This environmentally friendly tool eliminates the need to take apart pipes or use snakes, augers, or messy, dangerous chemicals.

Its long length and angled head easily removes hair and “goop” caught between the drain and the end of the trap. The DrainStick® is proudly made in the USA and constructed with corrosion-resistant nylon that is tough and rinses clean. It can be used over and over. This “guy” is perfect for kitchen, shower, and bath drains. The unique head teeth lock onto hair and other fibrous gunk, and it has a handy hang ring at the top for easy storage.

How to Use a DrainStick®

The 56 bristles on the unique tip are designed for fishing objects from your drain. Inserting the DrainStick® with a couple of twists can generally break up most messy clogs. The tool can be hung by its opening at the top, allowing it to be stored on a hook or over a sink trap. It’s a convenient way to make sure it can always be found.

Be careful working on old basin drains. The metal in these traps can dissolve from the inside over time. This erosion can be accelerated by chemicals that have been poured down your drain in the past. A drain trap can be paper thin if it is old. And while we designed the DrainStick® to be flexible, disturbing a very thin trap can break it. To check the integrity of a trap, give it a gentle squeeze to see if it is unusually soft.

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