There’s an exact science when it comes to soldering copper pipes and Superior Tool® has the tools for every step in the process. From cutters and deburrs, brushes and tube benders, we’ve got you covered so you can “Make It Happen™”.

What You’ll Need

Before you start actually soldering the copper, you’ll need to have certain tools to help you through the job.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Soldering Torch- to heat your pipes together
  • Propane or MAPP gas
  • Deburring tool– this removes uneven pieces from your pipes
  • Wire brush– for cleaning the inside of your fitting and the outside of the pipes
  • Emery cloth- this has an abrasive surface similar to sandpaper which is used to clean the inside of your fitting and outside of your pipes (Note: the wire brush and emery cloth are both used to clean the pipe and fittings. Emery cloth is better to use in tight spaces when the brush cannot fit but it comes down to personal preference).
  • Pipe cutter– to cut your pipes
  • Pipe fittings- make sure these fit your pipes
  • Solder- this is what melts into the joint between the pieces of copper pipe
  • Flux- protects the pipe fitting from the flame and help the solder flow evenly between copper pipe and fitting
  • Rag- for cleaning up leftover flux and dry up any water

Prepping the Pipes

Once you have all the proper tools, you can begin prepping your copper pipes. If these pipes are part of an active water line, make sure you shut off the water and drain your pipe completely. Following the draining of the pipe, make sure you dry off the pipe well.

Next, clean up the pipe by removing any jagged edges or bumps by using a deburring tool. This ensures your fittings and pipes fit together. After you finish deburring, use any of our brushes to clean off any excess shavings.

Applying the Flux

Now that your pipes are prepped, you can then add the flux. Apply a thin layer of lead-free flux to the cleaned portion of the pipe and fitting using a flux brush and then insert the pipe into the fitting to make sure it’s tight and secure.

Solder Up

It’s time to heat things up! Be mindful of the fumes and be prepared with safety equipment, especially a fire extinguisher.

Place the tip of the flame in the middle of the fitting, holding it there for 5 seconds. Do this until the heat has been evenly distributed around the middle of the fitting. Once the fitting is complete, heat the pipe opposite where you’re applying the solder. The joint is hot enough when the solder moves.

After you’ve soldered the pipes, be sure to clean around them with a rag as well because extra flux and other debris may not be visible and can also cause damage down the line.

Congrats, you’ve just successfully soldered copper pipes!

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