Top 10 Superior Tool’s® You Can't Live Without

Top 10 Superior Tool’s® You Can't Live Without


As craftsmen, plumbers, and DIY enthusiasts alike, having the right tools can make all the difference in the world. Enter Superior Tools, a trusted name in the industry known for its quality, durability, and innovation. From pipe wrenches to tubing cutters, our arsenal of tools has been indispensable to countless professionals and hobbyists alike. Here are the top 10 Superior Tools you simply can't live without:


  1. Pipe Wrenches

Superior Tool's pipe wrenches are a staple in any plumber's toolbox. With their sturdy construction and ergonomic design, they provide the leverage and grip needed to tackle even the toughest pipe fittings with ease.


  1. Tubing Cutters

When it comes to cutting copper, brass, or aluminum tubing, Superior Tool's tubing cutters are second to none. Featuring sharp, precision-cutting wheels and a smooth ratcheting mechanism, they ensure clean, accurate cuts every time.

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  1. PVC Cutters

For cutting PVC pipe quickly and efficiently, look no further than Superior Tool's PVC cutters. Whether you're working on a plumbing project or a DIY irrigation system, these cutters make the job a breeze. These cutters feature a one-handed ratcheting action design, and with its rugged lightweight design and cushion grip handles, means more comfort for you.


  1. BasinBuddy & Basin Wrenches 

Tight spaces can be a challenge, but Superior Tool's BasinBuddy wrench and other basin wrenches make it easy to reach and tighten nuts and bolts under sinks and behind toilets. Our basin lines telescoping design and swiveling head allow for maximum versatility in cramped quarters.

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  1. Water Pump Slip Joint Pliers

Changing out a faucet can be a daunting task, but with Superior Tool's water pump pliers, it's a job anyone can tackle. Their durable construction and slim profile make them ideal for reaching tight spaces behind sinks and bathtubs. These mulitple-positional pliers are built to accommodate everything from the hardest jobs to everyday use.


  1. Tube Benders 

Whether you're working with soft materials such as copper tubing, brass, aluminum and thin wall steel tubing, Superior Tool's tube benders offer precise control and consistent bends. With their compact size and easy-to-use design to not crimp or collapse tubing, they're perfect for plumbing and HVAC applications.


  1. Pro Plumber’s Handle/Sleeve Puller

When you need two tools in one, Superior Tool's sleeve pullers are the perfect solution. This easily removes the toughest frozen faucet handles from valve stems for reseating and repair. The bracket arms adjust to fit both large and small faucet knobs and handles. Additionally, this tool can save supply lines and other critical tubing by removing stubborn compression rings saving time and eliminating work.

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  1. Nipple Extractors

Superior Tool's nipple extractor is perfect for removing hard-to-reach broken shower arm threads and is great for many other plumbing applications. Teeth set firmly with a couple quick hammer taps. Easily back out the broken thread by hand or with a wrench. The remover won’t damage your shower pipe threads, so a new shower arm can quickly be installed easily with no leaks.

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  1. Flaring Tools

For creating professional-quality flares on all standard sizes of soft copper, brass, aluminum and soft steel tubing, Superior Tool's flaring tools are a must-have. Their precision-machined components and easy-to-follow instructions make it easy to achieve leak-free connections every time. With its self-centering yoke means you can make SAE 45 degree flare joints without splitting or cracking.


  1. PEX Expansion Kit

Last but not least, Superior Tool's 5-piece PEX expansion kit is a true champ for plumbing professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Designed to simplify the transition between PEX tubing and PEX A fittings, this versatile kit offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With a range of expansion sizes, including 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch options, users can seamlessly connect PEX tubing to various fixtures and appliances with ease. Crafted with durability in mind, each adaptor is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring leak-proof connections and long-lasting performance.

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Superior Tool’s lineup of tools represents the pinnacle of quality, reliability, and innovation in the industry. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a weekend warrior, these tools are sure to become indispensable assets in your toolbox. With their durable construction, precision engineering, and user-friendly design, they're built to withstand the rigors of the job and deliver exceptional performance time and time again.


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