Garbage Disposal Installation Made Easy

If you’ve ever lived somewhere that didn’t have a garbage disposal, you know how painstaking it is to scrape off every morsel of food. But what if we told you that you didn’t have to do that anymore? The answer is our Bayonet™ Deluxe Leak-Free Disposal Kit. Installing your long-awaited garbage disposal has never been

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A Cut Above: Your Guide to Superior Tool’s® Tubing Cutters

Tubing cutters are not one size fits all, and they shouldn’t be either. The pipes you work with come in different sizes and materials, and your tubing cutters should match your needs. Superior Tool has a range of tubing cutters to help you in any situation. Whether you need a mini one for tight spaces

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Superior Tool’s® 4 Step Guide on Soldering Copper Pipes

There’s an exact science when it comes to soldering copper pipes and Superior Tool® has the tools for every step in the process. From cutters and deburrs, brushes and tube benders, we’ve got you covered so you can “Make It Happen™”. What You’ll Need Before you start actually soldering the copper, you’ll need to have

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Why Made in the USA Matters

Here at Superior Tool®, we take pride in manufacturing as many products as possible here in the USA. We’ve been developing, manufacturing, and selling plumbing tools in the U.S. for over 70 years. During that time, we’ve introduced numerous patented products specifically tailored for professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts. We’re passionate about the industry and

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Behind the Tools That “Make It Happen™”

You know that tight spaces make tackling plumbing jobs a challenge. This is why Superior Tool® invented a few products to help solve those knuckle-busting problems. Basin Buddy™ (Part #03825) Our Basin Buddy™ is the go-to universal faucet nut wrench to help you work in those tight spaces. The

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Flexible Tube Cutter- The Sturdy and Flexible Helper

Sturdy but flexible? You’re probably wondering how that’s possible. At Superior Tool®, anything is possible. Our new Flexible Tube Cutter is a quick and handy tool for cutting soft plastics, vinyl, and rubber tubing. It’s equipped with a sturdy and replaceable PTFE coated blade that produces fast, clean cuts every time. In addition to its

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Just Because It’s Heavy-Duty Doesn’t Mean It’s Heavy

Our lightweight design doesn’t sacrifice anything. Superior Tool®’s aluminum pipe wrenches are heavy-duty but without the extra weight. We designed these pipe wrenches to weigh 40% less than comparable cast iron models. Our aluminum pipe wrenches provide the same features as cast iron wrenches without compromising the strength. We also designed the pipe wrenches to

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Cheers to the Holidays and Beyond!

Despite another year of masks and virus protocols, this year was still filled with love, friendship, adventure, and of course hard work. Here at Superior Tool®, we are dedicated to providing quality customer service and manufacturing the best plumbing tools so you can “Make It Happen™”. Even though it’s been a challenging year, our employees

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Thanks to Every Plumber

Thanksgiving traditions can pass from generation to generation. Maybe it’s a special dessert, breaking out fine dishes and silverware or having the house decorated with fall colors and décor. It’s a special time of family and friends unmatched by any other holiday. When you’re a plumber, there’s a reasonable chance, you may have to make

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Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter: The Tool for Tight Spaces

  Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter Tight space? No problem. We get it. Being a plumber, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be working in tight quarters. And sometimes your simplest tasks can become your biggest challenges, like cutting tubing. Which is why Superior Tool® created the Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter. Instead of rotating a normal tubing

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