Sturdy but flexible? You’re probably wondering how that’s possible.

At Superior Tool®, anything is possible. Our new Flexible Tube Cutter is a quick and handy tool for cutting soft plastics, vinyl, and rubber tubing. It’s equipped with a sturdy and replaceable PTFE coated blade that produces fast, clean cuts every time.

In addition to its great performance, our flexible tube cutter is lightweight and features a durable design to provide you years of trouble-free use. Even if your blade becomes dull or broken, you can easily repair the tube cutter with our replacement blade so you can continue to “Make it Happen™”.

Projects you can use it on

Our Flexible Tube Cutter is the perfect tool for aiding in replacing faucets, toilets, waterlines, and even hose lines in cars. You can also use it on PVC, CPVC, and select PEX pipes with proper diameters.

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Superior Tool is dedicated to making your next plumbing job easier. Check out this flexible tube cutter and other plumbing essentials at Purchase these “superior” flexible tube cutters online or at hardware stores nationwide.