If you’ve ever lived somewhere that didn’t have a garbage disposal, you know how painstaking it is to scrape off every morsel of food. But what if we told you that you didn’t have to do that anymore?

The answer is our Bayonet™ Deluxe Leak-Free Disposal Kit. Installing your long-awaited garbage disposal has never been easier. Continue reading to learn how it works and how to install it.

What is the Bayonet™?

This nifty kit is here to help your garbage disposal dreams to come true. The Bayonet™ easily connects a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink. This kit includes one 6″ Flanged Tailpiece, one Telescoping 90° Extender, one 10″ Flanged Tailpiece, five Pre-Lubricated O-Rings, one Disposal Tee, five Connection Nuts, one J-Bend, one Disposal Connection Rubber Washer, and one Wall Arm. Plus, it’s made here in the USA and has a limited lifetime warranty!

How it Works

Our kit was made to fit all disposals and already works with your existing trap and drain components. The Bayonet™ method consists of a twist lock for easy installation. Simply hand rotate the supplied locking nuts 1/8th turn until they “lock.” All the pieces are custom designed to fit perfectly to ensure a leak-free connection. There you have it, your very own garbage disposal without the hassle!

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