Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter

Tight space? No problem. We get it.

Being a plumber, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be working in tight quarters. And sometimes your simplest tasks can become your biggest challenges, like cutting tubing. Which is why Superior Tool® created the Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter.

Instead of rotating a normal tubing cutter around a pipe, our design allows the cutter head to rotate a full 360º by moving the ratcheting housing. It’s perfect for cutting pipes in walls next to studs without the extra hassle.

Our QuickCut™ tubing cutter can cut tubing up to a ½ inch and with a ¼ inch socket recess, you can insert an extension to power through the tougher jobs.

Superior Tool® History

Superior Tool was founded in 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio as a distributor of U.S. Government surplus hand tools from World War II. For the next 50 years, Superior Tool manufactured a variety of product but mostly tubing/piping tools. By the late 1990’s, Superior Tool intensified its development of innovative plumbing tools such as the SinkDrain Wrench® and ShutOff Wrench™. Fast forward to August of 2020, C.H. Hanson purchased Superior Tool and remains committed to developing innovative products.

We understand the needs for unique tools for difficult plumbing tasks and are dedicated to serving the needs of our users. Superior Tool has many other products to make your next plumbing job easier such as our Basin Buddy™ or DrainStick®.

No need to worry about quality, we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects AND it features a replaceable wheel.

We’re here to make tight spaces more accessible and easier to work in. Ratcheting QuickCut™, a fraction of the space, better results. Search up 35112 on superiortool.com to learn more. The Ratcheting QuickCut™ Tubing Cutter is available online or at hardware stores nationwide.

Watch the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=454rf5DwCjE