Plumber's Puller Kit


Plumber’s Puller Kit

  • Removes large and small faucet handles; new and longer adjustable puller arms
  • New one-piece cast cross bar for increased strength and durability
  • Notches ensure positive & equal position of puller arms on cross bar
  • Compression Sleeve Puller (ferrule remover) included for quick and easy removal of 1/2″ copper compression sleeves and nuts
Faucet Puller Kit


Faucet Puller Kit

  • If you’ve ever needed to remove an angle stop compression sleeve on the water supply line or a stuck faucet handle, Superior Tool new Pro handle/sleeve Puller is up for the job.
  • Patented ferrule-barrel design
  • Easy removal of tough compression sleeves that have been corroded and stuck on pipe for many years.
  • Helps remove stubborn faucet handles.
  • 2-in-1 tool pulls stubborn faucet handles & compression sleeves, eliminating user frustration.
  • Assists with the removal of compression rings, ferrules, compression sleeves, olives, copper rings and fittings.