Join Superior Tool’s Professional Plumber’s Council

Shape the industry’s future and learn from others

Superior Tool is looking for plumbers who love their trade. Who aren’t afraid of challenges. And are eager to be part of something “bigger.”

At Superior we love plumbing… the tools, the challenges and the idea of “make it happen™.” We respect professionals who work day in and out to install and repair whatever, wherever and whenever needed. Many of our tools were developed by plumbers for plumbers. Unique products that deal with the complex issues faced by working in tight, dark quarters. *hint – Ever have a spider fall onto your face crawling under a house? As a supplier of plumbing products, we want the best for our end-users – and that’s where you come in!

We’re looking for plumbers who want to be part of a team that will help us in our marketing and product development efforts. We believe the real “truth” comes from those who roll up their sleeves and solder joints or cement PVC pipe. In addition to assisting our efforts, you will be bumping shoulders with others in your industry and learning from their successes and “less than” successes.

As a member of the Superior Tool Plumber’s Council, you’ll receive information on new products in advance of launch, test prototypes, be mentioned in our social media posts and comped with product and swag on occasion for no other reason just to say thank you.

Sound like something better than repiping a house through the attic in 160 degree heat? Yeah, we think so too.

Contact us today and help be part of Superior Tool’s Plumbing Council. Join, share ideas, live / learn and have fun.

Statement of Council

The Superior Tool Professional Plumbing Council serves the purpose of enriching professional plumbers lives and careers by connecting them with Superior Tool and other plumbers. The goal of the council is to help plumbers through shared information, product development and association with valued resources.


There will be will be one council that will span the US from east to west. Council members must not be in competing regional areas with other members. The Council should have no more than 7 or 8 members. Plumbers must be at least licensed in the state where they work.

The council a will have a Chairman who would work with Superior Tool directly. Chairmen will mildly compensated for their time. All members will have their names listed on the Superior Tool website to help their businesses.

Meetings can take place online every two months and are suggested to last 1 hour. New tools, ideas and products can be presented at the meetings. Superior Tool will work with any plumber who provides ideas for a new unique product that solves plumbing issues.