Plumbing is a household essential, and so are plumbers. Without you, there would be water damage and backed-up lines everywhere. Plumbing is not an easy job, and it often is a thankless one. During this season of thanks, we want to thank every one of the plumbers who keep our houses and water running.

We especially appreciate you taking the time to be called out on weekends, evenings, and even holidays. If you’re called out on Thanksgiving, know that the people you’re helping are incredibly grateful that you were willing to help. And if you’re not a plumber, please save them a trip this holiday season and don’t flush things that shouldn’t be flushed and toss leftover grease in the trash can! It’ll save you money and keep our plumber friends home with their friends and families.

Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are some ways you can thank your local plumber:

  1. Share your experience with others. This could help your friends and family in the future, giving the plumber more business.
  2. Write a review. If you received exceptional service, consider writing a review. This helps the plumber to attract new business from those searching for one.
  3. Tip! Again, if your plumber went above and beyond, show gratitude by tipping them.
  4. Say thanks. Whether you call their company and share with a manager how awesome they were or write a card, words mean a lot on the most challenging days.

Whatever your plans are, everyone at Superior Tool wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope today is filled with great food, family, friends, and maybe some football too.