Behind the Tools That “Make It Happen™

You know that tight spaces make tackling plumbing jobs a challenge. This is why Superior Tool® invented a few products to help solve those knuckle-busting problems. 03825 basin buddy Basin Buddy™ (Part #03825) Our Basin Buddy™ is the go-to universal faucet nut wrench to help you work in those tight spaces. The Basin Buddy wrench fits metal lock nuts, coupling nuts, PVC lock nuts, and most metal or plastic toilet supply nuts. To make it even easier to reach difficult locations, we’ve included a drive adapter to use on an extension. Plus, it’s patented and made right here in the USA. Tub Drain Exractor Ratchet Tub Drain Extractor™ (Part #05255) Removing tub drains can be a real pain–especially when they’re corroded and frozen in place. With our Tub Drain Extractor™, it’s as easy as tap and go. Our handy extractor turns a time-consuming repair into a breeze. Its knurled teeth “bite” securely holding and turning the drain for damage-free and simple removal. Pair this extractor with a ½” drive ratchet or wrench for added leverage. The Tub Drain Extractor™ is plated with corrosion-resistant material to ensure you can use it again and again and again. We also make the Superior Tool Tub Drain Extractor™ in the USA, and it’s backed by our limited lifetime warranty because we believe in the quality of our products. STIMIU – 05245 Nipple Extract In Use Shower Arm Thread Extractor (Part #05245) Fixing a broken shower arm thread in a hard-to-reach place is a difficult task. The solution? Our Shower Arm Thread Extractor. This must-have tool is excellent for removing those broken threads, even in challenging locations. Our Shower Arm Thread Extractor is universal. Its thin wall ½” nipple extractor can also be used in other plumbing applications. Our extractor is a patented Superior Tool® exclusive and made in the USA. Learn More Superior Tool can make your next plumbing job easier. Check out these nifty tools and other plumbing essentials at Purchase any of our professional tools online or at hardware stores nationwide.

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