Meet The Inventor Series: The PEX Pocket Crimper

Meet The Inventor Series: The PEX Pocket Crimper

We had the honor and pleasure of sitting down with Dan Kidd, the inventor of the PEX Pocket Crimper. We got to learn firsthand how the struggle over cost and size of tools was the real inspiration behind this one-of-a kind, innovative tool.



Dan is a design engineer by trade and runs a CNC machine shop. With his expertise, his idea was able to hop off the page and into a production state. Dan saw that his tool had the power and capabilities of multiple tools in one, right in the palm of his hand. He ventured out to share this amazing tool online, later getting it in front of Home Depot for the chance to now sell in a retail space. 



With great ideas come challenges, and Dan has faced a few. From competitors buying up shelf space to push his tool down other aisles to knock-off companies trying to steal his design and mass-label it out from under him, but this didn't deter Dan from fighting for what he knew made his tool better than what anyone had to offer or tried to rip off.


Dan later met with Superior Tool, where their partnership flourished. This merger helped Dan hit numbers that he therefore couldn't on his CNC machines and is now capable of mass production here in the USA, allowing him to hit more stores and grow the branding of the PEX Pocket Crimper. Superior Tool is still proud to work with Dan on this line and future tool ideas that he is currently developing. This is the purpose of this series: to bring more awareness to the tools that shape the industry and the men and women behind the ingenuity.


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